Forum, Futuribles Journal n° 397

Économie, emploi

Pensions Reform 2013: Neither Fair nor Sustainable!

The presentation of the pensions reform bill by the French government in late August 2013, which is to be brought before Parliament this Autumn and most likely voted on before the end of the year, has prompted many different reactions, with a lot of commentators taking the view that it does not add up. Jean-Claude Angoulvant offers his take on this debate, opining that the bill in question is neither fair nor sustainable in the long term. After recalling why purely parametric reforms do not work and reviewing the historical evolution of the pensions problem, he presents possible ways forward, which break down into four major options: neo-collectivism and corporatism; corporatism and reformism; universality and diversity; and the single, universal scheme option. He stresses, lastly, that a realistic, fair and sustainable structural reform requires that the oversight and the administration of schemes (both currently in the hands of the public authorities) should be split up and a two-level solution encouraged (a universal basic pension, on the one hand, and, on the other, diversified, autonomous complementary pension schemes responsible for their own funding).

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