Futuribles Journal n° 393

Territoires, réseaux

“Territories 2040”: An Invitation to Innovate in Spatial Planning Policies in France

This article completes the series begun in the columns of Futuribles in May 2012, conceived as a pendant to the “Territories 2040” foresight exercise launched by DATAR in France in 2009. In this article Stéphane Cordobes, Philippe Estèbe and Martin Vanier underscore how helpful this programme might prove to be for the renewal of spatial planning policies in France through its new approach, which combines the local, national and even European scales and gives priority to an analysis of territorial spaces by major functions; its non-normative stance; and its highlighting of strategic issues and options for public policy. The authors then delve into four of the major issues that will have to be confronted in order to build up a medium-to-long-term “spatial planning agenda” in France: the empowerment of all territories to meet the major social, economic and environmental challenges facing them; the development of strategies in step with globalized economies and societies; ecological transition; and a sensitivity to the needs inherent in a mobile society. These are so many challenges that offer opportunities, but also bring contradictions, which the local and national authorities with responsibility for spatial planning will have to face up to.

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