Futuribles Journal n° 386

Économie, emploi - Population - Société, modes de vie

Controversy over Migration. A Review of Two Books: Exceptional People and Immigrant Nations


Migration issues regularly make the headlines on the continent of Europe – and in France, in particular, as can be seen from the 2012 election campaign – and they give rise to lively debate. It is the same in the UK and the USA, as Michèle Tribalat shows here in her comparative analysis of two works published in 2011: Balarajan, Cameron and Goldin’s Exceptional People: How Migration Shaped our World and Will Define our Future and Scheffer’s Immigrant Nations. Michèle Tribalat stresses, for example, the extent to which the approach to the migration issue can vary, not only in its relation to time and history, but also in the economic analysis of the impact of migration on host societies and the attention paid (or not paid) to the identity-related and cultural aspects surrounding the arrival of foreign communities in a society.

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