Futuribles Journal n° 374

Entreprises, travail - Territoires, réseaux

The Intelligence Revolution: Actors and Factors

Drawing on the various testimonies presented in this dossier on French companies that have succeeded by innovating, particularly in their managerial practices, André-Yves Portnoff outlines a number of key factors taken from the experience of these actors. He stresses, for example, the importance of human relations within companies, of the new technological dispensation, which means that the occupational and personal spheres increasingly overlap, of the need to seek out and exploit synergies, and of the crucial role played by staff training, attention to customer expectations etc.

In the course of his analysis, he offers 12 points of reference that are essential for the production of quality goods and services in France – and in Europe – in conditions that ensure value creation for all stakeholders. These are 12 starting points for the thinking that will be done within the framework of the ETIC study (Entreprises et territoires au défi de l’innovation et de la compétitivité) currently being launched by the Futuribles International Association with André-Yves Portnoff and Hugues de Jouvenel (Director General of the Futuribles Group) as its scientific directors. The study will, of course, go much further in analyzing and proposing precise strategic approaches and will also look more closely at local and regional dynamics and the role played in them by the local economic fabric.

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