Futuribles Journal n° 361

Entreprises, travail

Sun Tzu, Strategist of the Twenty-First Century. On Pierre Fayard, Sun Tzu. Stratégie et séduction

In The Art of War, written in the fifth century BC, Sun Tzu offers “attitudes and mental models that are much better adapted to the realities of our world than the dominant Western thinking”, argues André-Yves Portnoff. The 13 chapters of this Chinese treatise on strategy, here translated into French with a commentary and examples by Pierre Fayard, teem with precepts and advice which “today’s decision-makers” can apply in their professional environments. André-Yves Portnoff stresses their relevance and points out, among other things, “the backwardness of current analysts and actors, the great majority of whom (unlike Sun Tzu) have failed to comprehend that what is of crucial importance is understanding things and people”.

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