Futuribles Journal n° 355

Économie, emploi - Entreprises, travail

Creating the Leading Companies of the Future. The Development of High-Growth-Potential Enterprises


In the currently prevailing context of economic crisis, job creation and strengthening the industrial base are key objectives that France is far from achieving at the present moment. To improve the situation in these fields, it is essential, argues Emmanuel Leprince, to review the way small and medium-sized enterprises are treated in France, so as to give them a chance to survive and grow when they are vehicles for a high-potential project. To this end, Leprince recalls a number of basic facts and shows how Germany in particular, which operates in an economic environment very similar to that of France, manages to transform its innovative SMEs into leaders in their sector, without hampering their competitors. Lastly, taking his lead from the German model, he formulates some proposals for stimulating the growth of French SMEs.

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