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The Car Revolution Still in the Future


Large swathes of the French economy have been slow to carry out the kind of restructuring that has been shown, in recent decades, to be essential. As has already been mentioned in this publication, the economic and financial crisis that has afflicted the world for almost a year now could well have the beneficial effect of forcing reform upon them. Of the sectors potentially concerned, the foremost is probably that of car production. As Michel Drancourt indicates here, things are, as yet, at an early stage, but the car is about to undergo a veritable revolution which the current manufacturers cannot resist for much longer. Moreover, it is a revolution not all of them will survive.
After reminding us of the current context in which the sector operates, the way the main actors are positioned within it and the market conditions and prospects, Michel Drancourt stresses how essential it has become to implement a massive redevelopment of the industry if it is to move forward and address its future technical, ecological and commercial challenges.

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