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Combating Unemployment in France


In this article Pierre Gandossi raises two questions that are highly relevant even if they are often considered to be disturbing: the first with regard to the effectiveness of the large number of agencies that operate in France, covering different geographical areas, charged with managing employment and reducing unemployment; the second about how the unemployed can be encouraged to take greater responsibility for themselves and to seek jobs more effectively. The writer is well placed, given his own position, to describe the situation and argue his case.
From his own direct experience of working to reduce unemployment and promote policies to help people back into the labour market, he criticizes the proliferation of agencies dealing with unemployment and, as a consequence, the poor results of all their efforts. He stresses the importance of making policies more consistent, particularly with regard to giving jobseekers more effective personal support.
He also criticizes the behaviour of some unemployed people who decline the jobs offered to them and settle down to live on benefits. It is essential to overcome this abuse of the system, for the good of individuals and also so as to ensure the survival of the welfare state. P. Gandossi argues passionately that unemployment benefits must be truly linked to genuine jobseeking.

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