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The World as It Shall Be according to Émile Souvestre (1846). A Re-reading Occasioned by the Translation into English of Souvestre's Novel (Futures of Yesteryear)


In 2004 Wesleyan University Press published, in its series Early Classics of Science Fiction, a translation into English of Émile Souvestre's novel Le Monde tel qu'il sera, one of the forerunners of science fiction in France, originally published in 1846 (The World as It Shall Be. Middletown, Conn.: Wesleyan University Press, 2004, 249 pp.). Bernard Cazes wrote about Albert Robida's Twentieth Century when an English translation was produced by the same publisher in 2004, and shares with us here some extracts from this book, which is now very hard to find in French.

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