Futuribles Journal n° 308

What Decision-making Powers Should the European Union Have? Majority Voting in the EU Council of Ministers: a Matter of Decision-making and Power

French voters are being asked to decide in a referendum at the end of May whether to approve the draft Constitution for the European Union. According to polls carried out in recent weeks - insofar as they can be relied upon - the outcome will be close, hence the importance of educating voters and ensuring that they are aware of what adopting the Constitution involves.
Following on from Robert Toulemon's contribution in the April issue of Futuribles, this article stresses the changes to European decision-making that would arise from the adoption of the Constitution. Benjamin Carton and Olivier Lacoste offer a brief outline of the current decision-making process and argue that changes in the way that majority voting operates in the Council of Ministers could make decision-making easier in an enlarged EU. Comparing the present arrangements under the Treaty of Nice and the draft constitutional treaty, they analyse what weight each of the various Member states has, how their potential influence on decision-making is likely to change and how far they are able to block decisions.

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