Futuribles Journal n° 299

Prospective et expertise publiques en Irlande


In partnership with the Aleph group of the French Commissariat général du Plan, Futuribles has launched a series of articles, starting with the June 2004 issue, intended to enlighten readers about what is going on in the area of futures studies and strategic thinking in other countries. These articles offer a panorama of the wide range of bodies engaged in research and consultancy, both public and private, which are contributing to the design of public policies and, consequently, to thinking about the political, economic and social issues involved, in the medium and long term.
This month Ireland is in the spotlight. Céline Mareuge describes the various agencies concerned with forward thinking and planning, as well as the main studies that they are conducting with regard to major national or European topics of debate. In addition to the effort to promote dialogue that is a feature of their approach, many of them are notable for their real concern with the future for social issues (basic rights, ways of dealing with inequality and marginalized groups).

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