Futuribles Journal n° 293

Entreprises, travail - Institutions

Marx vu par Aron. À propos du Marxisme de Marx

Jean-Claude Casanova and Christian Bachelier have assembled and presented with a commentary a collection of the courses given by Raymond Aron, at the Sorbonne or the Collège de France, on Marx and Marxist thought. Jean-Jacques Salomon discusses the results of their work, published at the end of 2002 under the title Le Marxisme de Marx (Paris: Éditions de Fallois, 2002). He shows how Raymond Aron tried in his teaching to decode Marxist thought, to relate it to what was actually observed in society, and to emphasize how clearly Marx perceived (even foresaw) many contemporary problems. For Jean-Jacques Salomon, this was Aron's best book (even if he was not, strictly speaking, the author); it is an analytical tool that will be indispensable when there is -as there certainly will be, according to him -a "return to Marx".

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