Futuribles Journal n° 283

Ressources naturelles, énergie, environnement - Société, modes de vie

Propre dedans, sale dehors. Sur le paradoxe de nos moeurs

"If our bathwater was cloudy, stinking, coloured by effluents, the mistress of the house would be covered with shame. The same effluents (but worse) lurk in the stream that runs nearby. Yet there is not the same sense of humiliation!" Bernard Vaudour-Faguet highlights the striking paradox of our times: we are deeply conscious of the environment in our homes, but the willingness to intervene tends to fade away once we step outside.
To put it bluntly, the author is highly critical of the contrast between the extreme care about cleanliness in the home and the lack of concern about public spaces, open-air rubbish tips, oil spills and the like.
Even worse, he criticizes the ultimate absurdity of the process: "the products intended to cleanse our selfish little world pollute, disturb and kill the real world, the great outside of rivers, the land, the biosphere, life itself".

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