Futuribles Journal n° 268

Territoires, réseaux

Limousin 2017. Un exercice de prospective régionale


The numbers of attempts at building scenarios for specific geographical areas (region, département, conurbations, etc.) have been increasing in France in recent years. It has to be admitted that the nature and quality of the work produced under this heading has been (and still is) highly variable.
The study undertaken on the area around Limoges, first as Limousin 2007, then as Limousin 2017, is in many ways noteworthy, because of its clear assessment of the region's situation, the future-oriented approach adopted, the results obtained and the links established with decision-makers, especially the regional council (conseil régional).
Benoît Lajudie offers a brief description of the study, in a short survey first of the situation in the region, then of its potential futures, and the possibilities for action that were identified. Finally, the president of the conseil régional of Limousin himself explains why such an exercise in scenario-building can be useful in drawing up a full-scale development strategy.

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