Forum, Futuribles Journal n° 259


Au secours, l'Europe


A fervent European laments the shattering of his dreams! What on earth has become of Europe?
In this lively opinion piece, Michel Drancourt inveighs against the decline of Europe -the Europe on which so many hopes were pinned, and which today has lost all its drive; every aspect is paralysed: political, cultural, social, perhaps even economic and monetary.
He criticizes the selfishness of the member states of the European Union and the candidates waiting to join, the absence of a shared project and a common policy, the lack of a European spirit and vision.
Don't be misled: his criticisms are an appeal. Beyond the uncompromising picture that he paints, Drancourt offers a glimpse of hope that Europe might get a grip on itself and at last shoulder its responsibilities, internally and abroad.

Mots clefs :Union européenne

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