Futuribles Journal n° 249

Économie, emploi - Entreprises, travail - Société, modes de vie

Au-delà du capitalisme. À propos du livre de Charles Handy "The Hungry Spirit"


Charles Handy does not hesitate "to base his thinking about capitalism on a religiously founded ethical and philosophical conception of man and society", writes Michel Albert, who thereby reveals what he may have in common with the author of The Hungry Spirit since Albert, in his "Capitalisme contre capitalisme", did not hide his own preference for "Rhineland capitalism" and "the social market economy".
The two men share the conviction that nothing can replace the market and that self-interest is an essential driving force. Yet they are both convinced that a firm's wealth lies in its human resources as much, if not more than, in its shareholders, and that its purpose is not merely to maximize profits.
The successful companies in future, argues Charles Handy, will be those with a soul, which encourages Michel Albert in his plea for firms to have a sense of citizenship.

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