Futuribles Journal n° 228

Économie, emploi - Géopolitique - Institutions - Population

L'impact du vieillissement démographique. À propos du rapport de l'OCDE " Le vieillissement dans les pays de l'OCDE "

The Impact of an Aging Population: Commentary on the OECD Report: "Aging in OECD Countries"
Several recent studies have attempted to forecast the effects of demographic aging, especially on public expenditures for retirement and health.
This article presents and discusses briefly the results of the study by OECD published in 1996 entitled "Demographic Aging in OECD Countries".
Readers will notice that boxes in the text provide the results of another study. This one, directed by Gerard Calot and Jean-Claude Chesnais, uses a different methodology, to isolate the "strict effect" of demographic aging in the European Union towards 2050.

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