Futuribles Journal n° 223

Géopolitique - Institutions - Recherche, sciences, techniques - Société, modes de vie

L'Europe en quête de sens. Plaidoyer pour une autre politique de communication de l'Union européenne


Europe in Search of Sense. For an Alternative European Communication Policy
The ideal of a united Europe suffers from a lack of public acceptance which is due not so much to a shortfall of information as to the absence of public debate around a concerted plan.
Éric Dacheux begins by showing that the communications policy of the European Union aims at the same time to inform citizens and also to seduce them by the creation of images and symbols. He finds that the means employed to these ends are ineffective: In the first place, heavily promoted projects such as "Objective 92" have not produced the promised effects. Secondly, the diffusion of information about Europe is not sufficient to create a European conscience. And finally, the communications policy has always been constrained by day-to-day requirements for building Europe, as dictated by the flow of events. In brief, it has emphasized the duty of adapting more than the desire to live together.
É. Dacheux believes that Europe is lacking the conceptual identity which is needed to inspire the shared vision of a sustainable future. Communications policy of the Commission has been so dominated by the need to sell this or that measure that it is detrimental to the creation of a sense of real citizenship, which is the only thing that could confer a soul on this institutional edifice. In short, the marketing of Europe not only fails to convince, it bores. Consequently, the idea of Europe fails to inspire collective mobilization around a plan which carries direction and hope.

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