Futuribles Journal n° 214

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L'informatique dans l'impasse ? La 3e vague à la croisée des chemins


Computer Science at a Dead End? The Third Wave at the Crossroads
Buffeted on the supply side by extremely dynamic global competition and confronted on the demand side by less promising markets, could it be that computer technology has hit a dead-end? Have its margins been trimmed back so far that, like the good old industries of yesteryear, it has had to reduce the R & D expenditures which are indispensable if it is to get a second wind? Pierre Bonnaure sets up an alarmist picture of a sector which ten years ago was heralded as the engine of the third industrial revolution. But far from concluding that it is doomed to decline, he sketches some pathways at the crossing of which computer science could find a new life.

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