Futuribles Journal n° 208

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L'avenir hautement probable. 83 hypothèses sur l'année 2025


A Highly Probable Future. 83 Hypotheses for 2025
Futuribles has kept well away from publishing futuristic assertions which were not carefully supported. In that respect we have always favoured an approach which points to possible futures, stressing the weight of the human factor in decision-making and choice of action rather than forecasts which imply a pre-determined future.
The following text is an exception to the rule since it states 83 forecasts for 2025. But Joseph Coates, who is certainly one of the best American forecasters, makes it clear that these are hypotheses put together by a group of experts, based upon a critical review of many forecasts elaborated since 1970.
Although not always convincing, this inventory has the merit of making us think, including some reflection on developments which are not immediately obvious but of which the impact could be important.

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