Futuribles Journal n° 206

Géopolitique - Institutions

L'équilibre des " petits " et des " grands " dans l'Union européenne


Balancing the "Large" and the "Small" in the European Union
The Intergovernmental Conference of1996 will unavoidably rekindle the issue of the composition of Europe, which has opposed for a long time the (demographically) "small" to the "large" members of the Union. The former defend the principle of equality among states regardless of demographic weight; the latter are reluctant to give majority power to the relatively large number of "small" states.
R. Toulemon examines here some juridical institutions which might satisfy these contradictory demands, equitably and effectively. But he also points beyond this issue to the more important debate on the different ideas surrounding the European project and the objectives pursued by present and potential member states.
Toulemon remains faithful to the ideas he has always defended, making the case for a Union which should go further and adopt an internal and external common policy. Only this will prevent a desirable expansion of the Union from turning into its deliquescence.

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