Futuribles Journal n° 195

Géopolitique - Territoires, réseaux

Le réseau européen de transports à l'horizon 2010. " Maillons manquants " et intégration territoriale

The European Transportation Network in 2010 : Missing Links and Territorial Integration

The famous White Book, Growth, Competitiveness, Employment adopted in December, 1993, foresaw the undertaking of great public works which should, at the same time, provide a Keynesian stimulus, assure the economic and social cohesion of the European Union and permit it to enter the 21st century with head held high. Among these grand designs would be transportation infrastructure projects - already included in the Treaty of Maastricht. Their purpose would be not only to fill in links that are missing between insular or peripheral enclaves and the central regions but also at the same time to assure harmonious development of the territory as a Union.
Fourteen projects were finally given priority in December, 1994. But on one hand, their financing (estimated at 91 billion ecus from now to 2010) is far from being equally guaranteed and, on the other hand - doubtless as a consequence - the most advanced projects seem better designed to reinforce the links between the principal poles of European development than to actually assure cohesion between different members of the Union. Does not the choice of these projects - the effects of which remain to be demonstrated by implementation of the economic and social plan - testify to the consensus which seems sadly to have established itself in favour of a Europe at several speeds ?

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