Futuribles Journal n° 193

Géopolitique - Institutions

Réflexions sur la politique européenne


Reflections on the European Policy

The parliamentary group of the principal German party (Christian Democratic), meeting in the the Bundestag in September of 1994, elaborated a document on the future of European unification which raised a loud controversy. This is due primarily to its defence of building one Europe at several speeds, drawn along by constituting a hard kernel of five countries. The Futuribles article reproduced the entire document, thereby putting in evidence the risk of seeing the European union limited to the formation of a simple zone of "ameliorated" free trade. It also underlines the necessity of deepening (if only with some partners) and enlarging the Union. This is a diagnostic without complacency on the state of the Union, an important witness of the German will to give it a new impulse, and the sketch of a plan of action.

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