The Team

François Bourse: director of studies, director of Prospective Lab.

Stéphanie Debruyne: journalist, associate editor of Futuribles journal.

Cécile Désaunay: director of studies, writer for Vigie and Futuribles.

Laurie Grzesiak : writer for Futuribles, Bibliographie and Vigie, researcher.

Aude Houguenague : executive assistant, membership manager.

François  de Jouvenel: director of Futuribles Ltd, director of studies, director of Futuribles journal, executive director of Futuribles International,  chief editor of Vigie.

Hugues de Jouvenel: President of Futuribles International, director of studies, chief editor of Futuribles journal.

Véronique Lamblin: director of studies, writer for Vigie, Bibliographie prospective and Futuribles.

Corinne Roëls: secretary-general.

Hélène Vioujard : subscription and diffusion manager of Futuribles.

Frédéric Weill: director of studies.