The Asie 21 group was created within Futuribles in 1995. It is made up of Asia specialists who carry out collective, future-oriented thinking on Asia. Asie 21 publishes a monthly, electronic, private newsletter on the major events of the month and the issues of tomorrow, the Asie 21-Futuribles private newsletter.

Arte Future

ARTE explores many trails about the future with scientifics programs, theme nights, documentaries and fictions. It increases the editorial line thanks to a partnership with Futuribles.

Ateliers de la Terre / Planetworkshops

The Planetworkshops is an international and independent Think Tank which analyses contemporary and future challenges for a sustainable development. Its vocation is to challenge the life of ideas, encourage intellectual innovation and produce expertise to accompany the long term vision of decision makers.??Definitely turned towards action, the Planetworkshops also focus on the development of successful and useful experiences and spread good practices in order to favor necessary changes towards sustainable models. Futuribles is happy to promote the annual Global conference organized by Planetworkshops.

Centre des jeunes dirigeants

The quaterly magazine of the CJD (Centre des jeunes dirigeants) Jeune Dirigeant and its monthly digital version publish a ‘Futures’ page produced by André-Yves Portnoff in partnership with Futuribles.

Centre national du livre

The National Book Centre has granted Futuribles funding to digitize its past issues of the Futuribles journal and these are available on this site.

Cercle d'Action pour la Prospective

Established in late 2003 by professor Michel Godet the Entrepreneurs of the Future Circle is now called Circle for Prospective Action. It comprises more than 40 partners and contributes to the academic discipline of la Prospective (strategic foresight) while advancing the prestige of the French school throughout the world.
Thanks to the Circle for Prospective Action, futurists from around the world now have access to these sophisticated software tools available in three languages; French, English and Spanish. These software programs and documents may be downloaded Free of-charge

Chaire Économie du Climat de Paris-Dauphine

The purpose of the Climate Economics Chair is to develop applied research and foster innovative teaching methods in the field of Climate Change Economics. With the support of its corporate partners, the Chair develops targeted research programs such as "Carbon Pricing and Markets" initiated in 2011, "Agriculture, the forest, the food supply and climate change", "Mobility in a low-carbon society", "Climate change and long-term investors", to name only a few.

CNAM - Département Management Innovation Prospective (MIP)

The MIP department is the grouping of two institutes (Institut international du management and Institut commercial supérieur de la vente), two research etablishment (Cestes pour l'économie sociale and Centre national de l'entrepreneuriat) two research laboratories (Greg and Lipsor) now joined around the Lirsa and fifteen chairs (Union européenne, Développement international des entreprises, Études et stratégies commerciales, Innovation, Prospective stratégique, Ressources Humaines…). Those institutions work together to pool their resources in order to improve teacher trainings.

CNAM des Pays de la Loire

The CNAM des Pays de la Loire organizes meetings and debates with the program« le gout de l’avenir » in partnership with Futuribles. Program and registration:

Collège européen de prospective territoriale

The general objectives of the European Regional Foresight College are to : promote regional foresight in the European regions; create a community of skills, concepts, methods and practices in regional foresight; organize a European network monitoring and exchanging information on developments in European territories and their prospective practice; contribute to the collective learning of regional actors in developing their skills in forecasting, by providing them with reviews of actual experiences of European excellence. Futuribles is member of the European Regional Foresight College.


The European Institute of Education and Social Policy contributes through its work and its international network to strengthening cooperation in education in Europe, and between Europe and its partners. The EIESP edits the European Journal of Education (EJE) which is published by Wiley-Blackwell. EJE is a peer-reviewed journal of international reputation and readership specialised in research on education and the evaluation and review of education and training policies in a global perspective.

EM Grenoble

Futuribles is a partner of the festival de géopolitique et géoéconomie de Grenoble, organized by the Center for governance and Geopolitical Studies of the EM Grenoble.

Entrepreneurs d'avenir

Entrepreneurs d’avenir is a community of managers sharing the same vision of the society. They strive to develop the involvment of companies in the evolution of the society beyond the economic field. Those managers are comitted for the changing of companie’s praticals and policies.

Institut Destrée

The Destree Institute is a European Research Center, non governmental and not for profit organisation founded in 1938 under the Belgian legislation. The Destree Institute works as a permanent think-tank, while publishing studies and implementing activities related to regional development and foresight issues. The Destree Institute operates as a sensor of European and global changes and generates innovative ideas for action, in order to foster deliberative democracy and the common good of society. The Destree Institute is a member of the European Regional Foresight College.


The Institut de recherche et d’études Mediterrannée Moyen-Orient analyses political issues in the Mediterranean Basin. iReMMO fights against prejudices about the relationship between Islam and Occident, conflicts in the Near East, the safety in Mediterranea. iReMMO explores  potential solutions about the Environment and the sustainable development.
Futurible promotes works of the iReMMO when they are correlated with the journal.

Manchester Institute of Innovation Research

The Manchester Institute of Innovation Research represents the latest exciting stage in a history of ground-breaking studies of science and technology policy, innovation studies and innovation management which stretches back over more than forty years. Research interests in these fields were first consolidated together in the Department of Liberal Studies in Science (later the Department of Science and Technology Policy) at the Victoria University of Manchester in the 1960s. The institute is at the heart of Manchester Business School's strategic focus on innovation across both the public and private sectors and the group will continue to shape debates on innovation.

Observatoire des inégalités

The Observatoire des inégalités is an independent organization of information and analysis on inequality. Beyond its permanent team, a network of citizens concerned with inequality issue is involved in the activities of the association. Furthermore the Observatoire des inégalités has at its disposal a Scientific council composed by Economists, Philosophers, sociologists and jurists.
The Observatoire des inégalités wants to establish the state of inequalities as exhaustive as possible and publish the most discerning analyses of the phenomenon. Its activity would not have any meaning if it won’t be addressed to the largest public by getting over social, cultural and politic barriers especially.
Independent from all political party, syndicate or company, the Observatoire wants to engage a debate as aware as possible between different sensibilities. Its vocation is also to gather scientific approaches from distinct disciplines.

Prospective-Foresight Network

Prospective-foresight network is a non-profit organisation which promotes foresight as a tool to take decisions for the future. It is an area of reflection and debates. The idea emerged from teachers and professionals of the Ecole française de prospective and participants of training seminars at the CNAM and Futuribles international. Prospective-Foresight Network is a place for dialogue and exchange, and for debating ideas.

Prospective Lab

The Prospective Lab is a collaborative programm that contributes to innovate in the practicals and methods of foresight. It has been created by association Futuribles International, the chair of foresight and sustainable developpement of CNAM and the Circle for Prospective Action.
The Prospective Lab is for any person who uses foresight methods in his profesionnal activities in a company, non-profit organization, territory, university or research center...


Founded in 1987, Prospektiker is an independent company, which specializes on foresight and prospective - strategic studies for the public and private sector. The company's main purpose is that of exploring the possible futures, which may emerge from the present situation, parting from three basic assumptions:
1. "The future is not predetermined".?
2. "The future is being constructed. Liberty of choice and action will not exist without a proactive attitude".?
3. "The future is subject to high levels of uncertainty and risk. In order to avoid limiting future choices, means and resources must be optimized, using strategic foresight as a working methodology".


The PROSPER network is an informal network created in 2005 at the behest of individuals within research bodies with responsibility for future studies.

U+ (Plurality University)

U+ intends to be an open, global, diverse collective that detects, connects, and federates people or organizations who mobilize the resources of the imaginary to broaden the scope of thinkable futures: activist artists and sci-fi authors, speculative designers, reflexive utopians, creative futures thinkers, engaged researchers, etc.

Universidad externado de Colombia

The journal Sotavento regularly republishes articles from Futuribles translated in Spanish.
See issue #1
See issue #2l


Z_punkt The Foresight Company is a leading strategy and foresight consultancy, operating internationally and focussing on strategic future issues. We are experts in corporate foresight - the translation of findings derived from trend and futures research into practical advice to assist with strategic management. With value-orientated advice at the heart of all our activities, Z_punkt shapes strategic future dialogues and supports companies to make the most of sustainable future markets.