Our activities are carried out within the framework of two structures and the relations between these are governed by a formal agreement.

The Futuribles International association (a non for profit NGO) organizes:

1) Continuous horizon-scanning to:
- identify and analyse the key and emerging medium- and long-term trends in the strategic environment of organizations and territories (The early warning / horizon scanning system called Vigie);
- ldentify and analyse the main foresight studies carried out worldwide (bibliographical database and the publication of a monthly bulletin, Bibliographie prospective).

2) Foresight studies generally carried out as subscription studies, the conclusions of which are usually made public.

3) Training in the concepts and methods of horizon-scanning, foresight and strategy, together with training in applied foresight on various themes (territorial studies, urban strategies, value and lifestyle studies etc.).

4) Discussion and debate on the major issues shaping the world, european and national future through lectures, round tables, workshops and conferences.

Futuribles SARL [Futuribles Ltd.]:

1) Publishes and distributes the Futuribles journal, together with other publications. It also takes part in the production of audio-visual programmes.

2) Distributes and markets the activities of the Futuribles International association, particularly through its website.

3) Provides coaching and consulting services to public institutions and companies in their foresight and strategy exercises at the local, national and international levels.

Futuribles is supported by a permanent staff team and a vast international network of collaborators and partners.

For more information, you can see our brochure (in French)