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The State of the Countryside 2020

...emissions arising from increased long distance commuting. Country towns The countryside of country towns and their hinterlands is focused on...

1 January 2003
4 min.
The Art of Conjecture Free

...towns provide the living environ ment of a rapidly growing majority of the population, they are losing their traditional virtues....

1 January 1967
1 min.
Urban and Regional Planning. A Systems Approach Free

...since the Second World War-for ex- ample the rebuilding of Coventry, the new towns, the conser- vation of areas of...

9 March 1969
330 p.
Shaping Futures n° 4

...GLOBAL ECONOMIC PYRAMID (2010) Shaping Futures  No. 4  Fourth Quarter 2016 30 expansion of slums and shanty towns....

28 February 2017
36 p.
Energy Technology Perspectives 2016: Towards Sustainable Urban Energy Systems

Based on a review by Pierre Papon Given the demographic and economic significance of towns and cities, can we expect...

24 June 2016
3 min.
Shaping Futures n° 3

...Energy Agency) report attempts to answer. A few figures will suffice to convey that the role of towns and cities...

20 December 2016
38 p.
Visions. The European Scenarios

...towns from which the more affluent ‘connected’ have fled. These cities and towns now have fewer services, facilities or employment...

1 January 2001
3 min.
Abstracts n°288

This is a short but extremely useful article! Basing his arguments on many studies of mobility in towns oveT the...

1 July 2003
3 p.
Science and Technology Foresight: Four French Case Studies

...a wish for social stability; criticism of the uniformity of towns and cities is accompanied by a concern that things...

Shaping Futures n° 1 ects a ro in a areness o the systemic character of towns and cities and the need to take...

1 April 2016
30 p.
Cities and Climate –What Visions? climate change or combat it. There are several towns and cities across the world that have taken this line...

26 August 2015
2 min.
An Initial Assessment of Territorial Forward Planning/Foresight Projects in the European Union

...the second informs about the type of location: 1. Talent towns 2. Egalitarian ecologies 3. Cosmopolitan centres 4. Metropolitan markets...

1 January 2011
DESTATTE Philippe HERNAEZ Oihana ROËLS Corinne (...)
196 p.
Le langage de la prévision / The Language of Forecasting Free


9 March 1969
HETMAN François
547 p.
The Sidewalk, a New Strategic Asset

...question here and shows how the sidewalks that run beside our towns’ roadways have evolved over time. From being a...

27 April 2020
18 p.
Foresight Futures 2020. Revised Scenarios and Guidance

...and ‘gated communities’ develop. Planning controls are relaxed, and new towns and communities are constructed on greenfi eld sites. The...

1 January 2002
5 min.
European Territory 2050 Territorial Vision Free

...were of course less impressive than those achieved in new towns such as Masdar, but their contribution to increased sustainability...

The DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2036

...operations in sprawling towns and cities which will already have experienced endemic lawlessness and high levels of violence. Having analysed...

1 January 2007
7 min.
India Vision 2020

...a large part of the incremental migration in their peripheries and neighbouring towns. Being linked to the national and global...

1 January 2003
6 min.
Abstracts n° 408 Free

...adapt to climate change or combat it. There are several towns and cities across the world that have taken this...

26 August 2015
3 p.
Will Cities remain “Free”? that new economic models are emerging, which could give a new meaning to the notion of towns and cities...

27 April 2015
2 min.
Eco-urbanism: Planetary Challenges, Urban Solutions

Based on a review by Frédéric Weill Setting out from the recognition that towns and cities are increasingly on the...

22 February 2016
WEILL Frédéric
1 min.