IFTF Annual Ten-year Forecast Conference

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On 20 to 22 April 2016, the Institute for the Future (IFTF), an American forward looking think-tank based in San Francisco, presented at their annual retreat in Oakland the future scenarios of what our society will look like in 2026 showing that the new generation, “generation Transition”, will live in a post-platform world. Let’s discover their US view of the future…

Meet the Generation Transition

IFTF (Institute for the Future), “IFTF Annual Ten-year Forecast Conference”, IFTF, Annual Conference, 20 avril 2016.

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The term “generation Transition” refers to the generation that was growing up while communication and information were both being revolutionized. According to IFTF: they are today aged between 14 and 18; they were born during the “Technology Revolution” and today they take actively part to the digital world; they contribute to the development and growth of new technologies.

Partnering with the polling firm YouGov, the IFTF conducted a survey of four American generations in order to analyze what was specific about generation Transition compare with Millennials (19-34), generation X (35-50) and the Baby Boomer generation (51-69). They show that generation Transition anticipates major challenge in the coming decade with economic collapse, more discrimination to come. They believe war and terrorist attacks are going to be part of their daily life in the future. However they remain optimistic about t...