Causal Layered Analysis Masterclass

Animée par : INAYATULLAH Sohail

Causal Layered Analysis (abbreviated as CLA) is one of the most innovative approaches in futures studies and foresight since the end of the 1990s. It is used to create alternative futures. The masterclass will consist of presentations, case studies and workshops allowing participants to experiment the approach.

CLA assumes four levels of reality, each equally important: the litany or the day-to-day unquestioned reality — headlines and data; the systemic or social causation level in which reality is accounted for and solutions offered; the worldview or discourse level wherein multiple perspectives and stakeholder positions are included; and the deepest level of myth and metaphor linked to culture that creates worldviews and where long-term transformation often occurs. CLA goes up and down these layers of analysis searching for solutions and strategies, finding new stories with accompanying new litanies.

CLA has been developed over the past thirty years and now is used throughout the world, and in particular in Asia, in a number of settings: (1) as a way to deepen analysis so that policy solutions and innovative strategies are more inclusive, broader and successful, (2) as a strategy tool to deepen and broaden traditional business and executive strategic thinking, (3) as a tool to create structured conversations around gaps in policymaking, (4) as a tool for  fleshing out backcasts, to ensure that they are robust, (5) as part of incasting scenarios, (6) as a way for practitioners to gain self-reflection on their core narratives, and (7) as a research tool for doctoral students.

CLA has been used, for example, in projects with international police, city councils, professional associations, large multinational corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, and national governments. Topics have included terrorism, the knowledge revolution, libraries, quality and safety in health, bio-security, university futures and education policy.

CLA is also regularly applied to the self, asking what are the litanies I live in? What systems of thought support these litanies? What is my organizing worldview? And what are the stories I tell myself to cohere litany, system and worldview? And do I need a new story to achieve my vision?

The masterclass will be conducted in English.

Sohail Inayatullah
 is currently the UNESCO Chair in Futures Studies at the Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM) and a professor at Tamkang University (Taiwan) and at the Melbourne Business School (Australia). He is also an adjunct professor at the University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia) and a professorial fellow at the Centre for Strategy and Policy Studies (Brunei Darussalam). Professor Inayatullah has worked extensively with governments, international corporations, and non-governmental organizations around the globe. A Causal Layered Analysis pioneer, Sohail Inayatullah has written and edited numerous books, special issues of journals, refereed journal articles, anthology chapters, and editorial pieces. In particular, he is the editor of CLA 2.0: Transformative Research in Theory and Practice (Tamsui: Tamkang University Press, 2015). He is also the director of Metafuture, an international futures think-tank.

9h15-9h30 - Tea/Coffee

9h30-10h00 - Welcome and introduction

10h00-11h00 - Causal Layered Analysis: A Four-Level Approach to Alternative Futures
• CLA in the context of policymaking, strategy and foresight
• CLA theory

11h00-11h15 - Tea/Coffee

11h15-12h00 - Examples of the Application of CLA, including but not limited to
• International development banking
• The energy transition to renewables
• Interpol and policing
• Higher education
• Law and justice
• Health and cancer response

12h00-13h00 - The CLA Game - Learning Through the Four Levels
Interactive real-time game to explore solutions

13h00-14h30 - Lunch

14h30-16h00 - Using CLA
• Action learning, participants experiment on a policy or research question
• Types of CLA
   - Mapping
   - Deeper causation
   - From the present to the future
   - Map plus transformed

16h00-16h30 - Tea/Coffee

16h30-17h30 - Applying CLA to the Self
Inner work

17h30-18h00 - Reflections and Action Learning Projects

• La formation s’adresse en premier lieu aux décideurs des secteurs public et privé et aux responsables de la veille, de la prospective et de la stratégie au sein des entreprises et des institutions publiques. Le nombre de participants sera limité afin de permettre un maximum d’échanges.
Nous nous réservons le droit de vous joindre pour vérifier l'adéquation de votre profil avec le programme choisi afin de garantir l'homogénéité du groupe et la qualité de la formation.
Cette formation ne nécessite pas de prérequis spécifiques.
• The masterclass is intended for decision-makers in both government and the private sector, foresight practitioners, users or commissioners. Attendance is limited to 20 participants to give an opportunity to exchange views and discuss. This training does not require any specific prerequisites.

• Un dossier de base sera remis aux participants comprenant une copie papier des principaux supports utilisés et une bibliographie. Ce dossier pourra être téléchargé à l'issue de la formation.
• Training materials comprising the slide-show used during the different modules of the masterclass and a bibliography will be given to participants. They will be downloadable at the end of the session. 

• Les frais d'inscription se montent à 900 euros hors taxe, soit 1 080 euros TTC (TVA à 20 % incluse). Ils comprennent la participation à la formation, le déjeuner et les supports.
Toute inscription multiple permet, dès la 2e inscription, de bénéficier d'une réduction de 10 % (remise non cumulable avec les remises dont bénéficient les membres de Futuribles International).
Les membres partenaires de Futuribles International sont dispensés de frais d'inscription (valable pour une personne).
Futuribles International est un organisme de formation agréé référençable dans DataDock. Son numéro d'enregistrement est le 11751653975.
La formation dure 7 heures.
• Participant fee: 900 Euros ex-VAT and 1,080 Euros including VAT at 20%.
The training session lasts 7 hours.

Chaque séquence est interactive. Elle est introduite par un exposé suivi d'un atelier ou d'échanges qui permettent de s'assurer de l'acquisition des connaissances.

Cette session de formation fera l'objet d'une évaluation par les participants. À l'oral, à la fin de la session et à l'écrit, par le biais d'un questionnaire électronique envoyé à chaque participant.

Cette formation peut être suivie seule ou en approfondissement des sessions sur les méthodes de prospective (Introduction à la démarche prospective, Atelier de construction de scénarios prospectifs, Pratiques de la prospective stratégique, La veille prospective, La prospective pour les territoires).

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