Data Ethics: The New Competitive Advantage

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HASSELBACH Gry, TRANBERG Pernille, “Data Ethics: The New Competitive Advantage”, Publishare, octobre 2016, 175 p.

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We live in a world of data: culture, politics, banks, insurance, all of these sectors are dealing with a lot of digital footprints and information, some of them very personal and sensitive. Companies today need to have a data strategy but also a data ethics. They need to know what type of data they are processing, for what purpose, with what types of limits because data is not only an asset, it is also a risk (hacking, data breach, reputation risks, etc.). Companies need to pay attention if they want to be trusted. This book is an analysis of the trends impacting the data economy towards greater responsibility, transparency and empowerment of customers. It explains the interests structuring the data exchange in our societies. The book focuses on organizations which have made efforts to be ethical with their data.

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