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Data Ethics : The New Competitive Advantage

Data Ethics: The New Competitive Advantage
We live in a world of data: culture, politics, banks, insurance, all of these sectors are dealing with a lot of digital footprints and information, some of them very personal and sensitive. Companies today need to have a data strategy but also a data ethics. They need to know what type of data they are processing, for what purpose, with what types of limits because data is not only an asset, it is also a risk (hacking, data breach, reputation ...

Publishare, 2016, 175 pages


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The Industries of the Future

The Industries of the Future

Simon & Schuster , 2016, 320 pages

What will industry be like in an ultra-connected, digital, robotized world? In The Industries of the Future, Alec Ross, an American expert in innovation (an advisor to Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State), explores the nature of future industry as it faces the challenges of robotics, cyber-security, genomics and the avalanche of big data.


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The Rise of the Robots 

The Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of Mass Unemployment

Oneworld Publications, 2015, 352 pages

Jobs and robots decidedly represent an inexhaustible subject for American experts. Martin Ford, who has 25 years of experience developing IT in Silicon Valley, muses here on the consequences of the emergence of robots for employment in tomorrow’s societies.


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Energy Technology Perspectives 2016

Energy Technology Perspectives 2016: Towards Sustainable Urban Energy Systems

Given the demographic and economic significance of towns and cities, can we expect to see them operate sustainable, ‘decarbonized’ energy systems? That is the question this IEA (International Energy Agency) report attempts to answer.

AIE / OCDE, 2016, 418 pages


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The Keys to Power

The Keys to Power

Seuil, 2015, 168 pages

How does a (former) CEO of one of the last French multinationals in the CAC40 index see the world and the different forces at work in it? The aim of this book by Jean-Louis Beffa (former CEO of Saint-Gobain) is to tell us just that.


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Atlas of Environmental Migrations

Atlas of Environmental Migrations

Les Presses de Sciences Po, 2016, 125 pages

More than 200 million environmental migrants displaced by the year 2050? Some studies have gone so far as to predict just such a figure. But how valid are these—to say the least, alarmist—predictions? This is the question this atlas attempts to clarify.   In the face of a potentially massive problem, we need first to clarify the data and sort out our ideas a little.  


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PostCapitalism : A Guide to our Future

PostCapitalism: A Guide to our Future

Why are we at the end of the capitalist system? This is what Paul Mason attempts to explain in this book. To drive home the point, he devotes several chapters to the following questions: how has capitalism constantly reinvented itself and what is currently preventing it from doing so? The digital is one of the causes of the end of capitalism. Digital technologies call the very foundations of the system into question.

Allen Lane, 2015, 368 pages


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