Atlas of Environmental Migrations

Analyse de livre


GEMENNE François, MOKHNACHEVA Daria, IONESCO Dina , “Atlas of Environmental Migrations”, Les Presses de Sciences Po, mars 2016, 125 p.

Based on a review by Julien Damon

More than 200 million environmental migrants displaced by the year 2050? Some studies have gone so far as to predict just such a figure. But how valid are these-to say the least, alarmist-predictions? This is the question this atlas attempts to clarify.

In the face of a potentially massive problem, we need first to clarify the data and sort out our ideas a little.

According to the UN, 763 million people in the world live in their own country but outside the region of their birth. These count as migrants in the very broad sense. Also counting as migrants, though more clearly so, are 232 million oth...