Abstracts n° 424

This article is published in Futuribles journal no.424, mai-juin. 2018

Higher Education: the French Model in Question
Jean-François Cervel

France’s Universities: the Long March… On Christine Musselin’s Book La Grande Course des universités
Pierre Papon

What Goals for Higher Education? Towards a Learning Society with a Commitment to Sustainable Development
François Taddei

Towards World-Class Universities: Challenges and Opportunities for European Universities in the 21st Century
Gérard Escher and Patrick Aebischer

Industry 4.0, An Industrial and Societal Revolution
Dorothée Kohler and Jean-Daniel Weisz

The Unification of Pension Schemes: the Lessons of the Agirc-Arrco Experience
Pierre Chaperon

The Forward March of the European Neighbourhood Policy Halted?
Jean-François Drevet